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Integrated 1000 kVA Station
Integrated 1500 kVA Station
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Level 3 Kit Solution

Level 2/3 Kit Solution

EV Solutions

Enerquest EV Connect will power all of your EV charging requirements.


What is a Charging Station?

  • An EV charging Station allows you to charge your electric vehicle.
  • There are three different levels; Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3. As well as a combination of Level 2 and 3.
  • Each level comes with its own charging speed, cost and infrastructure to sustain the charging system.
  • EnerQuest provides connectivity of Level 2, 3 and combination of Level 2 and 3 to the power distribution systems.
  • EnerQuest can also provide solar canopies with our EV Connect Solutions.


EV Charging Solutions Design

EnerQuest EV Connect Level 2, Level 2/3 and Level 3 Kit Soltions come complete with the following:

  • Fully integrated charging stations
  • Factory assembled
  • 5 parking space blocks
  • Pre-wired level 2 chargers
  • Easily secured onto screw piles, concrete pad or concrete caissons
  • Options: 

          - Pedestrian lighting 

         - Solar Panel Canopy

  • Shipped on standard transport

Level 2, Level 2/3, and Level 3 Kit Solutions

Level 2 Kit Solution

EV Charging with Enerquest EV Connect

  • EnerQuest can provide the power needed to ensure that your stations will always be able to provide a charge
  • Brand Agnostic EV Connect Solutions
  • All of EnerQuest Fully Integrated EV Connect Solutions are:

- Certified by a Recognized Accredited Approval Agency

- Outdoor Rated Metal Enclosed Switchgear

- Tamper Resistant 

- Assembled on HSS Tube Base Frame 

- Sandblasted and Powder Paint Primer and Powder Paint Top Coat Finish.

EnerQuest can enhance the EV Connect with solar canopies providing renewable energy to your EV charging systems.